Graham Trude - Web Series

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This series is designed for my fans around the lands who do not get the opportunity to make it out to any of my live shows. I have various songs that I have also not had or will have the opportunity to record and believe this is a great way for "you" as listeners to hear them. I want to express my gratitude to all of you who listen and provide your feedback. Due to the cost of a web series a "donation" tab is located on this portion of the site for fans who wish to support the continuation of the series. Again, I greatly appreciate your support and hope you enjoy this project as much as I enjoy making it for you! 

- Graham Trude 


Written by: Graham Trude Edit: Alex Mungal (Loud Noise Productions) Film/Sound: Adam Fair (Villa Sound Studio)

Written and dedicated to the ones we lost from the act of drunk driving. A true story written into song regarding Graham having to give a death notification to a grieving mother who lost her son to drinking and driving. (Untitled) is an un-named song as part of a contest "Name That Song" requesting assistance from fans to help take part in naming the song and spreading the awareness.


Written by: Graham Trude / Mike Butler Edit: Alex Mungal (Loud Noise Productions) Film/Sound: Adam Fair (Villa Sound Studio)

This is dedicated to anyone chasing their dreams.
This was inspired by a musician leaving their small town and traveling to Nashville in hopes of making it within the music industry. After putting in the time and effort the artist receives his/her break by performing on the stage. After getting a taste of the “15 Minutes of Fame” the artist realizes that’s where they want to be, for the rest of their life, following the “15 Minute High”. Thank you for listening.